About Us

The Kiddie Kollege - Norco in Norco, California was established in 1973 by Ruby and Ray Thompson. They, along with Wanda Morford, who was owner and Director for over 16 years, established a name and reputation that the new owners are proud to uphold.  The new owners, Armando and Elizabeth De La Luz, have been residents of Norco for over 25 years and all three of their children attended The Kiddie Kollege - Norco. Elizabeth worked in the office of the school for over 14 years and has since obtained her certification to be a preschool teacher. They  have given the school a new shine, with goals to modernize the atmosphere and focus on being an early education center, while still keeping the charm of the old school alive.

 THE TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS AND STAFF AT The Kiddie Kollege - Norco take pride in the fact that families have entrusted us with the care and education of the most precious members of their families.


We provide so much more than solely childcare; we provide an quality learning environment for children ages 2-12, a place where children will make their first friends and learn to play, a place where they will learn life skills and put them into action, and a fun and flourishing place for kids to be kids. The one acre property provides an expansive playground among mature shade trees where many games of tag, hide-and-seek, and make believe will take place. We provide an extension of home for the children and families we serve.

The Kiddie Kollege- Norco Programs:

Preschool- Ages 2-4

Pre-K- Ages 4-5

School Aged Children- Ages 6-12

Summer Program- Preschool, Pre-K,and School Aged



LIC# 334842700  & 334842701